Re-Charged Cancer Wellness Program


ReCharged is a 12-week health and wellness program designed for people who are currently in cancer treatment or have become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from battling cancer in the past. Whether you are newly diagnosed or finished with treatment, you can benefit from the ReCharged program. 

With the guidance from CETI (Cancer Exercise Training Institute) our personal trainers can help you regain muscle mass, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular endurance and daily functional abilities. You will also receive an optional individualized nutrition guidance from our nutrition specialist to help create a healthy lifestyle.  ReCharged is a personalized program, not a group program, allowing each individual to progress at their own pace. Options are available if you would like to combine training programs with another ReCharged member too.

ReCharged includes:

• Guidance in creating an individualized fitness and
   wellness program perfect for you.

• Fitness assessment with the creation of a customized exercise plan.

• Personalized guidance from our nutrition specialist. 

• Weekly personal training sessions with one of
   our certified CETI (Cancer Exercise Training
   Institute) trainers.

• Consistent evaluation of progress towards goals.

• A whole team of people ready to encourage you towards a new active and healthy lifestyle.

Who is eligible?

People who are currently undergoing or have undergone cancer treatment in the past 5 years.

What does it cost?

FREE! This 12-week program, valued at over $1,200 is provided FREE for all our YMCA members, another benefit of membership.
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How do I sign up?
Please contact our Health & Wellness Director, Jenny, at 994.9622 or with questions or to register. 




If you are interested in sponsoring our ReCharged program we have a number of sponsorship opportunities available! This program is made possible by community partners, donors and sponsors! To secure your sponsorship please contact our Health and Wellness Director, Jenny, at 406.994.9622 or at

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in supporting our ReCharged program you can make a donation by purchasing a ribbon that we will customize and display in our building.  

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