Conference Room

Are you a business or group that needs a place to meet? The Gallatin Valley YMCA offers our comfortable conference room for group or business meetings.

Please note: Use of the conference room is only for businesses, community and non-profit organizations that serve the Gallatin Valley. The conference room is not intended for commercial activities such as selling items, gathering names for future mailings or for educational seminars by commercial companies.

Conference Room Includes
• Eight individual tables–use all 8 or just a few. 
• Seating 16-20 people.
• Large TV screen for presentations. (Computer is not provided) 
• Large magnet board to hang presentation sheets (Please supply your own large presentation sheets)
• Small refrigerator
• Sink and countertop space

Conference Room Meeting Facilities Can Not Be Used For

• Worship services and ceremonies, and religious instruction; religious groups can meet for organizational, committee, planning, etc., purposes.
• Political rallies, campaign events or fundraisers; political groups can meet for organizational, committee, planning, etc., purposes, and for  precinct meetings and county/district conventions).
• Commercial purposes, including: sale of products/services; promotion of products/services for sale at a later time; and solicitation of business, including presentations whether for- profit or non-profit that may result in later for-profit business opportunities for the presenter or presenting entity.
• Fundraising, except for GVYMCA-affiliated groups.
• Individual/group social events (parties, showers, etc.)

Please observe these rules when using the Gallatin Valley YMCA Conference Room
• Room capacity shall not exceed 20 people.
• All meetings must conform to all Gallatin Valley YMCA facility policies, as well as all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
• All meetings must have an adult present (at least 18 years or older) that is responsible for the participants attending.
• No activities are allowed which disturbs the normal affairs of the Gallatin Valley YMCA.
• The use of open flames or candles in the meeting room is prohibited. All fire and building codes must be followed.
• Food and drink is permitted with the exception of alcohol. The arrangements for food delivery are solely the responsibility of the applicant. We  do not provide any utensils, paper plates, cups, etc.
• No object, poster, or writing, etc. can be placed on walls without permission from a Gallatin Valley YMCA Director.
• Please have meeting attendees utilize the parking in the North lot.
• Neither the name nor address of the Gallatin Valley YMCA may be used as an official address or headquarters for any organization.
• A list of attendants will need to be provided in advance in order for attendants to be welcomed into the Gallatin Valley YMCA facilities.
• When scheduling conflicts exist, priority will be given to Gallatin Valley YMCA sponsored events and programs and then to members of the Gallatin Valley YMCA. If a conflict still exists, preference will be on a first come first serve basis.
• Permission to use the Gallatin Valley YMCA’s facility does not imply endorsement of the organization or approval of the program contents.

Set-Up and Equipment  
• Room set-up is the responsibility of the applicant. Call ahead to ensure technical compatibility of meeting set-up.

Clean Up
• Each organization must clean up the conference room and return it to the condition in which it was found. Please report any spills/stains to Gallatin Valley YMCA Staff.
• A charge will be assessed for any special cleaning or repairs made necessary after meeting is completed.
• The Gallatin Valley YMCA will not care for or store any organization’s materials and will not take responsibility for materials left by an organization.

• Cancellations must be in writing and received 24 hours prior to the scheduled event or program in order to receive a full refund. If you cancel with less than a 24-hour notice refunds will not be given or if the meeting(s) is set up with no charge the cancelation will be counted as one of your two.
• You can email cancellations to:

The Gallatin Valley YMCA will not be responsible for any damages or costs resulting from the cancellation of meetings due to the Gallatin Valley YMCA closing for weather or other emergencies.

• Non-profit and community partner groups can utilize the conference room up to 2 times per year at no charge, there after the charges will be $25 per hour with a max meeting time of 4 hours per meeting date.
• Payment is to be paid in full when reservation of the room is made.