Student Activities/Programs

YMCA programs provide older students a safe and fun place to gather and participate in opportunities that help them improve their leadership skills, connect with their peers and develop emotional, academic and social skills necessary for everyday life situations.  Through Y programs students build self-esteem and self-confidence, learn healthy lifestyle choices, achieve their personal and educational goals, and create new friendships and lasting relationships in a safe, supportive and engaging environment.


 TEEN LEADERSHIP CLUB | 6th - 12th Grades 


SLEEPOVER at the Y | 5th - 9th Grades

Session 1: Saturday, January 26th

Session 2: Saturday, April 13th


SUPER SITTERS CAMP (Spring Break extensive course)



Session1: Saturday, January 5th

Session 2: Saturday, February 9th

Session 3: Saturday, March 9th

Session 4: Saturday, April 13th

Session 5: Saturday, May 11th