YMCA Stories

"When my family and I moved to Bozeman, all we had were some clothes and keepsakes we packed in our car. We had moved twice in one year. Originally from Hawaii, my husband, my son and I (pregnant at the time with my oldest daughter) moved to Phoenix, AZ. We lived in a pretty bad area, shootings within our apartment complex, drug addicts, and drug dealers walking about, on top of living in a complex infested with roaches and bed bugs. We decided to leave AZ after making poor financial choices, as well as other personal issues happening at the time. This time my daughter was present with us and we found out I was pregnant again. We arrived in Bozeman on May 2015. We were homeless and entered the Family Promise of Gallatin Valley program. We were in the program from June 2015 to November 2015. 

Currently, we reside in Bozeman, we have been in the same apartment for over 2 years and we’re definitely thriving as a family and individually. My husband currently works two jobs and is able to support our family very well. All 3 of my children are happy and healthy and enjoy all that Bozeman has to offer. I recently started my own home business this year and I'm excited to see where it goes.  I appreciate the YMCA offering scholarships for their programs. Our family is doing very well but having that extra support, gives us the opportunities to put our kids in a great summer camp program and have that extra money to support our household and pursue personal goals. I think at some point everyone could use a hand up and my family is so grateful to this community. In the future, I hope we are able to give back as much as we’ve been given."


"The Y was definitely good for our family. The sports were great because it provided my kids the opportunity to start learning good sportsmanship, getting along with others and listening to a coach at an early age. I definitely valued the summer camp programs for my children to have a safe and engaging summer experience. Being a single working move has its challenges and being able to send my children to summer with the help of a Y scholarship helped our family tremendously".

“We are on one income. My wife is a stay at home mom who deserves to have a place to go and workout. My daughter is able to go into child watch will help in her development. As a family, we want to live a better, healthier life. Thanks to a scholarship from the Y, our entire family benefits”


"I am a single mother of 2 rapidly growing elementary and middle school-aged boys. My boys attended another camp and PIR camp days when school was out and for the summer. I was extremely disappointed in the care that was given, or better yet not given, while they attended there. As the end of school was approaching this year I was in a panic about what to do with my boys for the summer. I have enrolled my boys in Y sports before and was told about the Y camps and it sparked an interest in me. I asked around to see if anyone had children that attended here. The response I got was so amazing and helpful.

I looked into the Y to see what was available for them. I was disappointed to learn camps were more than I could afford. I don’t usually ask for help with things, especially financial things. I decided to ask if there was some kind of scholarship that I could apply for, and there was. A very generous one at that. I was and still am extremely grateful for the help that was given to me and my boys.
They have attended several programs already and they all exceeded our expectations. The coaches for basketball and flag football are amazing and love coaching the teams, and you can tell when they are out there with the children. I am very happy that the scholarships we received allowed my boys to have such amazing coaches and grow from their experiences in and off the field and court. Without the generosity of the donors, my boys would not have had this experience. It will be something they will remember for a lifetime. 

The ladies I have worked with during this time are just as amazing, Sarah and Avril made me feel like I was not just another scholarship recipient but an actual human being who needed a little help for her boys. Every time we chat or email they are always so kind and patient and understanding. They are willing to go above and beyond for me and my boys. That is a blessing in itself. Thank you, ladies. 

The boys loved summer camp couldn't wait to go back every day. The counselors are very kind, friendly and listen when I talk to them. They also seem to love their jobs, the constant smiles on their faces says it all. That makes this worried mother extremely confident that they will be well taken care of and I don’t have to worry about them this summer.

So again thank you for the generosity that has been shown to us in our time of need. I feel that the YMCA is a blessing from above and I will continue to encourage people to use the camps and other programs here.  It’s great to see that there are still wonderful, caring, loving individuals in this world. Thank you again for everything. May God continue to bless your facility and all of the staff members."